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Designed for MetaTrader 4, also compatible with any asset class or trading program that has an API

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Trading with Machine LearningUnderstanding the Advantage

Plutus is a highly flexible system of supervised machine learning for financial time series classification. Machine learning is a powerful tool in the digital world that allows computers to learn from examples rather than follow explicitly programmed rules. This method of data processing and analysis has become the vanguard of computer sciences. With Plutus, you can use a wide range of customizable machine learning classifiers including; decision trees, K-nearest neighbour, support vector machines, discriminant analysis and ensemble classifiers. You can also combine classification signals from multiple instances of Plutus using different datasets or algorithms and incorporate your own code into the trading logic. Machine learning will pick up on subtle, or complex data traits that humans miss. Download Plutus for free and start to explore your data. 


How it WorksBrief Basics

Plutus is a standalone GUI based application for Mac/Windows/Linux that will generate classifications on live market data based on what it learnt during training. It allows you to import historical data from any asset class or program or data source, label the data according to your trade goals using an automated function, and then train a classifier of your choice. Source code files for MetaTrader4 are provided and can be used as a guide for integration with other trading programs. Plutus can also be used in conjunction with other trading rules, which can be added to the provided Expert Advisor (EA).  


FAQFrequently Asked Questions

1) What machine learning algorithms can I use?

Plutus currently offers the following algorithms, all with unique options and settings: decision trees, K-nearest neighbour, support vector machines, discriminant analysis and ensemble classifiers.


2) What trading software can I use?

While Plutus was designed for MetaTrader4, any trading package that has an API can be used. Additionally, you can trade any asset class, on any timeframe, with any broker. Please refer to the User Guide for details on using your trading software. 


3) Can I use my own indicators?

Yes. Plutus comes with default indicators for technical trend following, but you can use your own. Please refer to the User Guide for details. 


4) Can I add my own code?

Yes. Plutus is a multi-layered system that includes an open source trade handler to process classifications received by your trading program from the Plutus standalone program. Any rules or logic you wish to incorporate can be included in this layer. You can also make your own trade handler using the source code provided as template. 


5) Can I trade multiple instruments at once?

Yes. You can trade multiple instruments at once by running multiple instances of Plutus. Each instance of Plutus can trade one instrument at a time. 

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